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Labor Day Reminds Us of the Need for Jobs

gordeon Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 10:48 AM
I remember a businessman being interviewed on TV here who said he spent months trying to get permits for a factory to try out his idea, and then he finally went to China, got a handshake, and a week later the factory was being built - in China. Others have said that the cost of production of their product in China was 1/10th of the cost here. So a policy of slapping tariffs (i.e. taxes) on Chinese products is just a band-aid. Yes, they have cheap labor, and they steal patents, but thats not the whole story.

The businesses that support and lobby for so-called free trade are always trying to wrap themselves in Ronald Reagan. But that's false because Reagan would not have allowed America to be cheated coming and going by foreign countries.

Of course, Reagan was for international trade, but he did not see it or use it as a stepping-stone to global governance; he did not accept cheating by foreign countries or rules set by panels of countries that hate and envy us or any vision of globalism. Reagan looked upon foreign trade as a component of American economic and military superiority...