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Is Pennsylvania In Play?

Obama_IS_The_One Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 2:39 PM
With our current sorry-excuse-for-a-President, EVERY state should be in play! There will DEFINITELY be some surprises on election day.
Bear Trax Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 2:53 PM
That's my take too. The polls tend to assume every democrat is a far left Obama worshiper and it turns out fewer and fewer people identify with party labels, hence we have the tea party. I think amongst the 'surprises are Michigan, Minesota, and New Jersey. I don't know of a state won by McCain that's even considered in doubt. There's a lot of senate races out there to ponder as well.

Pennsylvania has not voted for a Republican presidential nominee in 24 years, when George H.W. Bush carried the state narrowly in 1988.  In subsequent cycles, the Keystone State frequently felt like 'the one that got away' for Republicans; polling would look close and tightening in October, only to go blue in November, thanks to Democrats' formidable firewall in Greater Philadelphia.  This year, it appeared that Pennsylvania wouldn't even be in the conversation for the GOP ticket.  Barack Obama won the state by double-digits in 2008, and numerous public opinion polls showed the president maintaining -- or even expanding -- his...