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WSJ/NBC Poll: Romney: 47, Obama: 47

goper Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 11:55 AM
Owebummer has proven to be an unqualified amateur, and that is because he is; Owebummer - ZERO executive experience and ZERO business experience. It is no wonder he couldn't get a budget passed in over 3 years. Owebummer did not receive even a single Dem vote in either the House or the Senate for his budget, and he has allowed Horrible Harry Reid to sit on a stack of bills, which has been holding up progress for the American people, while stifling the economy. ZERO LEADERSHIP FROM OWEBUMMER. Then there is the trillions blown and borrowed on failed business ventures; from not-so-shovel-ready jobs to failed green companiers. THE RESULT OF ZERO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE OR CORRUPTION? Where did all that money go?

A new national poll released Sunday shows that the race for the White House is all tied up, 47% to 47%.

A late surge in support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has put him in a dead heat with President Barack Obama with just over two weeks to go before the election, according to a new nationwide Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Sunday.

Among likely voters, the candidates are now tied, 47% to 47%, in a race that appears on track to be one of the closest in U.S. history.

Mr. Romney has pulled abreast of the...