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Hidden Video: Obama Lavishly Praises Reverend Wright Before Delivering Racially Charged Speech

goper Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 2:24 AM
"When you can tell me about crowd of black people lynching a white person..." Shiaat, many a White person has been a victim of Black crime. How about the LA riots when they pulled people out of their cars and onto the street. People who did nothing. Do you know how many people Blcaks killed during the LA riots? Or the Watts riot? Do you have any idea how many Blacks have died at the hands of Black people in cities all across America? How about Chicago? It's out of control, and it is fueled by arsewipes like Obama and their divisive craap.

The much-anticipated “Drudge Report” video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller has finally surfaced. And it’s certainly worth watching in its entirety:

It’s worth noting that before anyone had even seen this clip, “journalists,” the elite media, and the Democratic National Committee were...