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Heh: Cutter Reverses Self, Repeats Previously-Abandoned '$5 Trillion' Lie

goper Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 8:48 PM
Never mind what Romney MAY do, look what Obama DID - he jocked the economy much worse than it was when he stepped in. Obama and Biden say they weren't told that people needed more security in Benghazi. Funny, they did the do in Libya without Congress, the American people, and it was not their job to make sure security was covered in Libya? They didn't expect possible repercussions against our embassies, compounds, or consulates due to their actions in Libya? There's a war on terror going on, they make a major move in Libya, and they left security lacking? They should have beefed them up to the max. Mismanagement, again, and again because they went it alone, without the people of America. .
goper Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 8:51 PM

Obama - more debt than all previous presidents combined.

Obama - record breaking deficits.

Obama - 23 million American citizens out of work.

Obama - record bankruptcies; home and business.

Effortless lying just comes easier to some of us, it seems.  Here's now-infamous Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter on CNN, earlier this week:


MORGAN: "You have already indicated again that you don't really believe it will be a $5 trillion tax cut." 

CUTTER: “No. What I have indicated was he has a $5 trillion tax cut.”  

Sigh.  Let's go to