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Allen West's Wife Defends Her Husband

goper Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 6:18 PM
Come on, they're giving tons of money away on cell-bones (phones), green failures, missing shovel-ready jobs, Petrobras for Brazil oil drilling, benefits for illegal aliens, GSA parties, parties in the White House, and on and on and on, yet not fulfilling a security request for people in a hotbed, hostile area, and when warnings were given? What gives here?

Townhall Magazine subscribers got to know a little bit more about GOP Rep. Allen West's accomplished wife Angela in our June issue, and now, she is featured in a new campaign ad defending her husband, saying "recent attacks on my husband go too far."

Here's Angela, in her own words:


And here's another exclusive excerpt from our June feature on Allen West, written by Katie Pavlich, that tells you a little more about Angela's resume:

When they met, West was stationed out of Fort Riley, Kan.,...