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We can’t overlook the fact that KNOWING that there was little chance he would be unopposed may have contributed to the shooter’s confidence. Having said that, there is no guarantee that ANY policy, ANY sign or ANY metal detector would have an influence on the totally unpredictable actions of a mentally deranged person. The bottom line is for every defense there will be a counter-measure devised.
Gun free zones and limiting magazine capacity do have a purpose! Either or both give the perpetrators of violence the confidence that THEY are safer. Don’t forget that when you have a solution first it becomes necessary to find a problem second.
This goes to prove my theory about ALL governments. Given time every human activity will be illegal. When that becomes a reality any one of us can be selectively prosecuted if you don’t agree with and support the prosecutor. My friends we are very near to the foregoing scenario.
cberlin, Right on!! Most if not all investments are made with money that has already been taxed. It’s safe to say that ANY capital gains tax is double taxation. As for the “free” college I don’t understand how anyone intelligent enough to get into college has no clue that THEY will be the high-end earners that will pay for the increased national debt. The time as come for all government spending to be justified by a cost/benefits analysis and an outline of where the money will come from. As long as the ‘comes-outa’ is greater than the ‘goes-inta’ it will be at the expense of those not yet born or too young to be in the work force.
A one word answer: OBAMA.
Every living thing has two basic instincts, i.e., reproduction and survival. Our problem is liberals are allowed the former and they don’t understand the latter.
This is a case of don’t listen to what Zerobama says but watch what he does. I can’t prove he is a Muslim first and an American last but his supporters can’t prove he is not. As I see it he would not be president if a background check were required of anyone that runs for office, particularly the POTUS. The fact we know more about the love life of Sarah Palin’s daughter that Zerobama’s background is astounding. Maybe the message was intended to heard by Muhammad, if so that means it was the right message in his mind.
Karll, Could be you are spot on but a second possibility is many of the 20-25% are working in the underground economy and don’t want to have their income taxed. Two untaxed incomes, one from their employer and one from disability benefits would be hard for someone to pass up.
Ditto. No wait a minute, DITTO, DITTO & DITTO.
Only the government would conclude that the unemployment rate decreases because the number of people in the worker force decreases. Using government’s logic the way to get to zero unemployment is to have everyone drop out of the workforce. I suspect the numbers are meaningless anyway because even those reported to have dropped out of the workforce are working under the table. Both the employer and the employee avoid the tax and the time consumed by filing the returns. There must be a reason that mall parking lots are full of nice vehicles, traffic is heavy and there’s a wait to eat in high-end restaurants. Maybe the reason there’s lot of money in circulation is because a generous portion is not taxed. To make matters worse many of the members of the underground economy are classified as disabled and that makes them eligible for public assistance. I have no way to know if the foregoing is true, if you don’t think is you have no way to prove it isn’t.
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