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Whether Zerobama is a Christian may not be important BUT whether or not he is a Muslim is. If you judge him by what he does rather than what he says you might come to my way of thinking, i.e., he is either a Muslim or at the very least a Muslim sympathizer. He has no problem lying about his policies so why would anyone take is word about his religion?
I can’t wait! In the mean time I turn off the power to my house at night and when the wind is not blowing. That way I’ll be accustom to having power intermittently. Try it you like it…
What really worrisome is that not only are they amongst us but they are allowed to breed. Could it be that Podesta is delusional, stupid or from Mars? He is living proof that what this country needs is better birth control.
Sounds great BUT what he says means nothing, wait to see what he does before judging him.
Geraldo Rivera's idea. How about every decent citizen legally carrying and the criminal knowing that? Did you mean Geraldo said that? If he did that’s the first time he has had a logical thought. Maybe I’ll stop muting the sound every time his face appears. It really not necessary for EVERYONE to carry. If ANYONE might be carrying the result would be the same. The POSSIBILITY that a victim, or someone nearby, could shoot back would give pause to even an idiot.
I have to ask, what if concealed carry where legal everywhere and no one carried how would a predator know IF you were carrying? The odds are, just knowing you COULD be armed would be an effective deterrent in most cases.
Seawolf, You hit the nail on the head. There are thousand of different laws when comparing what is or isn’t legal in each state. If the speed limit in your state is 75 and the limit in the state you are visiting is 65 that doesn’t means you can still do 75 in both states. As much as I support states rights there has to be a better solution than the feds sticking their finger into the pie. There’s no perfect solution when emotion trumps logic. The different how “concealed carry” is defined can be different from city to city. When you try to compare law state to state only you may still not know what’s required. The bottom line is even if the Reciprocity Act passes the primary result will be to guarantee early retirement for defense attorneys.
The fact that Williams is a liar is of no concern to me. I could care less about what he says or does; his influence on my life or what I will be doing tomorrow is someplace between zip and zero. Speaking of zero, what the zero in the White House says or does will influence my life. Where is all of the news hype about his lies, incompetence, ignorance and arrogant nature? It’s about time for an adjustment of the media’s priorities.
The real problem is informing a LEO that you are armed or not doing so is not right OR WRONG in every jurisdiction. Neither is it right or wrong in every LEO’s opinion. It’s far more likely that if your hands are in sight, you are not belligerent, and ask for instructions on how to reach into a pocket or glove compartment to retrieve drivers license, registration or proof of insurance there not be a problem. The same goes for any passengers. The odds are in your favor that any LEO you encounter will have no problem if you make it clear you are not a threat. LEOs are human; you can bet some of them are jerks and luck of the draw is a factor that can’t be ignored
Once again it’s obvious that government is the problem not the solution. A good example of that is Zerobama’s proposal to provide “free” Community College for anyone. Am I the only one that can see that the government will have to borrow the money to fund the program? Those that are educated will earn more and that will mean they will be classified as the greedy rich. That will make them the target of tax policy so they will be paying for their education PLUS the interest. You can’t ignore the facts that what goes around comes around and there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
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