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HOLD THE PHONE! The Nevada voters are not responsible for sending Scary Harry to Washington. The fact is it was the SEIU and the Kalifornistan voters that are registered to vote in Clark County that perform the dirty deed. What makes no sense is they left Kalifornistan to escape liberal idiocy and promptly voted for it in Nevada. GO FIGURE…
Cars, elephants, alpacas, dogs, llamas, pigs and cattle and our children and marriages are not mentioned in the Bill of Rights; the right to bear arms is mentioned. HUGE DIFFERENCE!
Is the ACA the same as Oblahblah care?
Ok I get it. Let an E-5 to an O-66 has a degree in under water basket weaving and has little experience with a firearm carry. It would be ridiculous to allow an E-1 that has been brought up around firearms and shooting since in grammar school to protect him/herself. Way to go!!
If Ronald McDonald were running against a liberal idiot, I would vote for him. I could care less what his name is, the closer he is to being the conservative choice the more likely he/she will get my vote. The reason Oblahblah is in the White House is that too many voters are looking for the perfect candidate. You will find a Unicorn before you find the perfect candidate.
GDV, Disruptive? If so, please explain why there is no disruption in the Israeli military. Do you really believe that Hasan would have opened fire in the PX if ANYONE there may have been armed? The operative word in that question is may; if carrying concealed was a broad policy and even if no one carried the likelihood that the survival instinct would deter anyone with the intent to “shoot’em-up-bang” to look for a gun-free zone. Is the next idiotic idea to declare a combat zone to be gun-free?
Albert Einstein had it right when he said, "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." The logical extension of that is the more you learned in school the more you have to forget before you can be educated.
Hey Stan, You are absolutely correct. The problem is that better person is busy flipping hamburgers.
In Arizona you can legally drive a deadly weapon, i.e., a car if you blood alcohol content (BAC) is less that 0.08%. In Arizona it’s legal to carry concealed in a place where alcohol is serve IF YOU DON’T consume any alcohol. In Arizona it’s legal to consume alcohol at home before driving to a resturant, while armed, for dinner IF your BAC is less than 0.08%. If public safety is the intent I have to ask, why is the place you consume alcohol controled and not the BAC of the driver or armed person? Logic tells me that driving after drinking on an empty stomach would impact public safety FAR more than allowing some level, perhaps less than 0.08%, while carrying no matter if you are at driving or ANY other public place. Am I missing something?
It's Hard to Name a Country That Has More Respect For Us Under Obama? What about Iran and North Korea? They both think Oblahblah is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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