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Lewis, Ideally denying the mentally unstable access to guns sounds great but who is it that will decide which of us is mentally unstable. When someone is found that can predict the future actions of an individual please send them to me. I want to hire them as my stockbroker.
What we have here is a failure of the facts and logic vs. emotion, ignorance and stupidity. In a liberals mind the end justifies the means. Trying to reason with a liberal that has their mind made up is a total waste of time and effort.
The fact that there are ‘professors’ that are stupid validates the phrase, “you can’t fix stupid.” What we have here is an orangutan with a degree.
Give Zerobama a break; we all know that the votes that were not counted are more important than the votes that were counted. When everyone understands that we can do without elections!!! Just think of all of the TV time that could be used for reruns of ‘I Love Lucy’ or ‘Gilligan’s Island.’
Only 36%? That can be explained by the fact it was a surprise election. The practice of setting election dates at random is why we need same day voter registration.
Anthony, Exactly! In addition a fire extinguisher falls into the same category. Everyone should have a fire extinguisher but at the same time no one hopes it will be needed.
Will, You have proven the point that background checks may not be a bad idea. On two fronts you have displayed mental instability, i.e., your choice to be gay and your propensity to be violent. A gun is a tool, a brain is a weapon. If you can manage your weapon you should not be allow a tool.
Oblahblah thinks that parents deserve day care for their kids with costing them an arm and a leg. 1. He doesn’t say what good deed these parents did that day care is the pay back. 2. He doesn’t say what dastardly thing those with no children or those that raised their kids at their own expense did that make them responsible for providing day care others families.
Surprise! Surprise! You hire people that have never had any authority for a position that grants some authority and they will find a way to use that authority. The one thing that qualifies most of them is they MUST be married so their spouse can dress them and point them in the right direction to their workplace. What idiot would apply for a job that requires wearing a badge and uniform while disarmed? You may disagree with the way Europeans do things but in most of their airports the security is handled by roaming officers armed with fully automatic weapons. If that doesn’t give you a warm fuzzy feeling you should change your meds.
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Voter ID Myth Crashes

GOOD OL' BAD GUY Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 11:07 AM
Good idea Charlie. And while we are at it eliminate same day registration. Anyone that’s not interested enough to find time to register in the two years between elections shouldn’t be allowed to vote. In addition, find some way to place a temporary stain or mark on the voter at the time they vote. In some jurisdictions your name on a utility bill is considered eligibility to vote. Makes me wonder how many people receive utility bills in more than one district.
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