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One solution would be to sentence murders to execution using the SAME method they used on their victims. If that were the case they would define the way they would turn blue at the time of the murder. Sounds fair to me…
Bliefus, I pushed to go button before finishing. The only thing I want to see passed by the Congress is REPEALING EXISING LAWS. Don’t laugh or hold your breath, we both know that just not going to happen.
Bliefus, WOW! We think alike, the fact is we and our wallets are the safest when the Congress is out of session. The libs think SS, Medicare and the transfer of wealth are great but they can’t see that the money that was collected was backed by gold, the cost of Medicare includes both medical AND the administration expenses. The abuse of the food stamp program and welfare is exactly the reason so many have dropped out of the labor force.
dtaylor, It’s not clear to me which one is the worst choice. It makes no difference if the damage done is intentional (Zerobama) or the result of stupidity (Biden).
Hey wait a minute! If this is true the liar-in-chief did it again when he says the NSA isn’t looking at content.
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Killing Marine Life with Ethanol

GOOD OL' BAD GUY Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 12:42 PM
Subsidies are not the issue; the issue is that farmers are the beneficiaries of making the use of their product (corn) mandatory. When government mandates the use of ANY product the producer is laughing all the way to the bank.
A bit off topic but I can’t resist reporting that the 6 bullets that killed Mussolini were fired by 21 Italian sharpshooters. Back on topic there are too few of us that didn’t perceive the fact the Zerobama is a phony from the get-go.
sparc, Having a third party, either government of a union, declare the value of an employee can only be described as insanity. The same people that advocate increasing the minimum wage would still want to pay based on the value of services provided. Like all liberals they want the rules to apply to everyone except themselves. The free market will fill the demand for services and the greater the demand the greater the value of those services. When a third party sets the value higher than the value of the service the service is either performed by the employer or deemed to be unnecessary.
The argument that illegal aliens fill jobs that American won’t do is ludicrous. If all of the illegal aliens were deported today a demand for filling the vacated positions would be created. That demand would increase the wages offered to fill those jobs. WAIT A MINUTE! That’s a bad idea because it would reduce unemployment by putting Americans back to work. Any plan the reduce dependence will never see the light of day.
Hey Navy, Fence? Fine employers? That’s really bad idea, if for no other reason your plan WOULD work and it would be cost effective!!!
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