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Surprise, surprise! Anyone that attend Physics 101 knows you can get more energy out of a device or system of devices than is put into that device or system. Every conversion of energy to a different form HAS LOSSES. Only liberal idiots believe any system be it political, financial, electrical, mechanical or thermal can yield more than was put into it. Like it or not there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch..
If being a NRA member is assumed to be a Republican that’s the tip of the iceberg. The part of that same iceberg that’s under water is that if you a white you are a Republican. Don’t loose sight of the fact that the end justifies the means in a liberals mind…
SORRY BOUT DAT!! I did flag you after reading the first sentence. In fact I would have not read the entire post if not for tibby2’s reply. Again, SORRY BOUT DAT!!
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A Reply to Rush Limbaugh

GOOD OL' BAD GUY Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 6:25 PM
You can’t overlook the advantages of a government shutdown. That’s really true if you could make it to include both the Senate and the House. That would limit the amount of damage they could do. If and when they came back maybe they would only have time to concentrate on important issues. OK, that’s wishful thinking but just consider the damage they have done. DO WE REALLY NEED MORE LAWS????
We do have a global warming problem. The solution is to stop professional idiots from talking about it.
Michael, WOW, then it must be true otherwise the Las Vegas Sun would not have been printed it.
Tamir may have been innocent but he wasn’t very bright. Displaying a gun, real or not, openly is a disaster on its way to happen. The idea that the color of a gun indicates its not a lethal weapon is proof that you can’t fix stupid. Ask your self what you would do if an orange gun were pointed at you. One of the first rules of gun safety is NEVER point it anything you don’t want to shoot. If that ever happens to you I hope the gun is not a real gun that has been spray-painted orange.
Maybe there is a lesson 8. People will believe what they hear and never let facts change what they believe. Just try walking slowly with your hands up and increase your speed to a full run. Then come back and tell us if you can run with your hands up. When you try this you will find it to be very difficult, maybe impossible. This is one of those ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ issues.
Lewis, Ideally denying the mentally unstable access to guns sounds great but who is it that will decide which of us is mentally unstable. When someone is found that can predict the future actions of an individual please send them to me. I want to hire them as my stockbroker.
What we have here is a failure of the facts and logic vs. emotion, ignorance and stupidity. In a liberals mind the end justifies the means. Trying to reason with a liberal that has their mind made up is a total waste of time and effort.
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