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5 Things the Gun Grabbers Apparently Don't Understand

GOOD OL' BAD GUY Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 9:21 AM
Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the liberal idiots introduce a proposal to amend the Constitution to repeal the 2nd Amendment? Given the fact that repeal is their goal; why are they so timid about putting their money where their mouth is? I suspect that will never happen because they know what the next election results would be. Their strategy is to use Nickel and Dime regulations until they have a Dollar.
TommyMaq Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 4:31 PM
Sounds like a good opportunity for a false-flag stratagem; create a fake liberal stump group to start pushing for it, in order to trick many Dems into supporting it.
"I’m not a gun owner and, as I think as is the case for the more than half the people in the country who also aren’t gun owners, that means that for me guns are alien. In the current rhetorical climate people seem not to want to say: I think guns are kind of scary and don’t want to be around them." -- Josh Marshall

"A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." -- Sigmund Freud

Sorry, but your Second Amendment rights no longer apply because liberals like Josh Marshall tinkle on themselves...

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