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To Hell With It, Let's Jump Off the Fiscal Cliff

good dog, happy man Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 11:06 AM
Floor it, Thelma! It doesn't matter if we're going 35 or 105 mph, and if it's inevitable, let's get it over with. Besides falling doesn't hurt. Landing does. But, nevermind, we've a whole bunch of dead lockstep liberal lemmings at the bottom of the cliff to cushion our fall. On;y after we all suffer some real pain will true positive change come around. Until then we'll continue to kick the can down the road. BHO's economy will continue to bounce along the bottom. One thing we should remember. It is BHO's economy. He broke it. He owns it. What's he going to do, blame the previous administration?
We’ve all heard about the “fiscal cliff.” But what does it mean? The media won’t bother to explain it in any detail, and people aren’t looking it up on their own. So, a great many Americans think it’s a physical place, a vacation destination of some sort. I understand people are busy with their lives, but a majority of Americans just voted to re-elect President Obama, a man whose failed leadership created this harmonic convergence of economic mess that is the fiscal cliff. So I say, “To hell with it; let’s jump.”

President Obama is still in campaign mode, traveling...