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We need to separate the recent angry blue fister PUBLIC union castration from unionism in general. We cheddar heads still are not a right-to-work state. Yet. But many of us here need Governor Scott Walker to finish what he's begun in WI. You can't have him. He's unintimidated. He's awesome sauce. And he's ours.
MadisonWannabe, Class envy is a mainstay for the low-flow, lickspittle, lockstep, limousine liberal lemmings because they're blind to their own hypocrisy. Scott Walker's opponent, Mz. Mary Burke is the Trek Bike heiress a trust fund baby. Send lawyers, guns and money to help defeat the Proglibocrats in Wisconsin. Woofda! GDHM
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Is DWS Getting Fired?

good dog, happy man Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 11:36 AM
I hope that the DNC keeps the furry-headed, hyphenated hyperbolic harpy Debbie What-her-Name-Schultz. She drives more women away from the DemonRat Party, ... the Party of "D": Death, Denial and the Devil.
P-pappy, Whazzat, ... "ilk"? Some kinda large deer-like creature? (H/T: da Gotch) GOOD DOG,HAPPY MAN
Real America loves cowboys. Proglibocrats, Euroweenies and LEFTY, OINK, hate cowboys. Cowboy Sheriff David Clarke must really torque-off these "Hate America Firsters". He's a man's man and a Conservative. He couldn't get elected Sheriff of Milwaukee County as a Republican. He's a Democrat, but he could change. He'd make a fine candidate for US Senate. I'd like to see a man of his caliber running against our lesbionic Jr. Senator from Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin.
Senator Johnson is way ahead of the curve on suing the Imperial Urkel the First. Speaker Boehner's suit might earn more national attention, but Johnson's suit is right on the money. The unHonorable "contemptibly-held" Holder's Justice Department lawyer said that Johnson would have to show actual harm. He could show him the government/media complex's bite-marks on his butt. He's not making many friends among the kleptocracy in Congress. Just who does he think he is, ....... asking Congress to obey the same laws the expect us to obey?!!! He's more a maverick than Senator Rusty Feingold ever was. We need more honest politicians like him.
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Fun Night for the Eurosceptics

good dog, happy man Wrote: May 27, 2014 11:06 AM
Congratulations mon Freedom-loving frères!!! Pushing back against the one-size-fits-all socialists and totalitarians of the EU one vote at a time. God speed.
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Random Thoughts

good dog, happy man Wrote: May 27, 2014 10:57 AM
The VA system is a "single-payer" system. It doesn't work very well for our vets, does it? Those "Death Panels" aren't a government tribunal. It is a nameless, faceless GS-5 bureaucrat who determines who gets their health care denied/delayed. What right-thinking person would advocate for a "single-payer" health care system after witnessing the VA debacle? Who in world would want a TOTAL takeover of our healthcare after witnessing the clusterfrack of a PARTIAL hostile government takeover, i.e., Obamacare? Upon further review, ....... Obamacare still sux.
We just endured a publicly paid-for, three day "White Privilege Conference" inside the Tofu Curtain of the People's Republic of Makistan. It was more of a gulag reeducation camp for guilty white people and Proglibocrats. There was major backlash, however. Most UW-Madison students now use the phrase, "better check yer privilege" mockingly. They know that they built it, grew it and they earned it. They deserve the rewards because of their hard work. Kids are smarter than they look. "Better check yer privilege". Yeah, right. It is now commonly said after hearing anything they disagree with. The phrase has been co-opted by right-thinking students.
Rachael, The kids at the University of Wisconsin use the phrase "check yer privilege" mockingly against those entitled guilty white Proglibocrats. It's been turned around and understood in a far different light by most students. More like, "Yeah, right." We just recently endured a publicly paid-for, regressive three day "White Privilege Conference" for those public workers and educrats. They tried to get our "minds right". Big time backlash. Look for it coming to a Common Curse Curricula near you.
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