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Only the most feeble minded could look at record unemployment, record debt, record disability, record food-stamps and say "we need more of this". So, you win most feeble minded troll.
Perfect candidate for Virginia, arrogant, incompetent and connected.
When they are not busy molesting their students they are known to engage in Marxist and Communist propaganda.
haha... little libtards
The left seems to have an endless supply of mush-headed fools.
No worries, McConnell has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory once more.
They know it will raise unemployment. That is their goal. More people on food stamps. More people with their hands out looking for more freebies = more government.
Illegal immigration as opposed to legal immigration. I know thinking is hard but it pays off.
Cesar Conda is Marco Rubio's Chief of Staff. He has been pushing amnesty for illegals on Twitter.. Conda also worked for George Soros before becoming CoS
Kindness is not about embracing immorality.
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