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WWII was Socialism on STEROIDS. It was government control of raw materials, wages, prices; pretty much everything.
Sorry Anne, but if you honestly believe it was low taxes and no government regulations that made America the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the world then you need to spend a little time with a history book. Please explain what role WWII had in the rise of the USA.
"First God created idiots, that was for practice. Then He created School Boards".......Mark Twain
Greyhawk wrote - The election of Barack Hussein Obama is a testament to the idiocy that is rampant in this nation. The average Obama voter who was polled as he or she left the voting places, believed that Republicans Controlled Congress, when in fact, Congress was Democrat Controlled. After nominating Sarah Palin the GOP would do well to stay clear of discussions of voter intelligence. I mean face it, the average McCain voter was supporting a walking punchline.
We know now that Bush lied, Cheney lied. We know that they were wrong about what Saddam had and worst of all is we now know that we would all be better off had Saddam been kept right where he was. Bush 41 had it right, 43 is an idiot liar who belongs in prison.
You're disabled? Sure hope you're not on disability.....And you're able to read and type on a computer? You should have been here last week when ol Shoobster would have been calling you a faker, a leach and drag on the "producers" of society.
We lose a lot of troops using those drones huh? Or like all those troops we lost in Libya? How about the ZERO troops we lost in Egypt. Shoob, is there ANYTHING you know ANYTHING about?
WOW.....that's really dumb.
Willard is rounding up all of Bush's incompetent "neocons" to start another war they have no intention of paying for. Make no mistake, if it were up to the Republicans, we'd still be looking for Bin Laden as we enjoyed the next great depression.
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Outsourcing Our President

golferdude Wrote: May 25, 2012 8:18 AM
PINK no doubt on those t-shirts
Chips wrote- Has there ever been a more blatant lying propagandist than Carney? But, birds of a feather do flock together. Of course there has been. Ronald Reagan, the father of irresponsible runaway deficit spending.
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