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Great article-NOT .Except. We never say the interruption and what was said as it did not play..We did not hear from the 4th person from MSNBC-the only Conservative-who never spoke in this poost..
you are right. My bank had a sign up no hoods; no sunglasses; no hats.
Maybe what we need now is some white person or black that comes out everytime there is something raciist against whites or hispanics..
I don't know what your post has to do with Larry Elder's subject..But in response to your post..I don;t think we have to be worried..Remember Pres. is the compassionate president who would never hurt anyone's freedoms. wereas this ACT has many parts you are referring to just one part. Actually the authorazation to detain US citizens was all ready allowed under AUMF (Authorazation For Use Of Military Force) already grants presidential authority for indefinite detention.This act just reaffirms it..It is for detention of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism. No Big deal. Unless you are a US citizen bent on treason..
What do these stats mean? Could it mean that 417K hits on "black shooter" was because there were that many black shooters out there?
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