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Liberals Can't Break 200-Year Racism Habit

gofer Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 1:02 AM
The dems knew they had to change directions when Civil Rights Act came along. They co-opted it to become the benefactors of minorities, just as LBJ's famous quote indicated. The continued decline of inner-city blacks and having 49% of Detroit functionally illiterate cannot continue on indefinitately. It's worst than many 3rd World countries and will not cease until they are forced to be responsibile for themselves and stop the dependence cycle. There are 3 and 4th generation welfare families. I've never understood why successful blacks in professions like Doctors, Lawyers, etc don't talk to students and show them that they can become something besides athletes and singers.

Democrats spent the first century of this country's existence refusing to treat black people like human beings, and the second refusing to treat them like adults.

After fighting the Civil War to continue enslaving black people and then subjecting newly freed black Americans to vicious, humiliating Jim Crow laws and Ku Klux Klan violence, Democrats set about frantically rewriting their own ugly history.

Step 1: Switch "Democrat" to "Southerner";

Step 2: Switch "Southerner" to "conservative Democrat";

Step 3: Switch "conservative Democrat" to "conservative."

Contrary to liberal folklore, the Democratic segregationists were not all Southern --...