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Or worse, laying there like a dead fish.
When somebody is getting married, now the question has to be asked "to a man or a woman" and when a man talks about his "wife", it could be a man. Insanity and I never thought the Nation would ever fall this low where there is no shame anymore. Women bare children with multiple fathers and brag about it. It somehow has become a badge of honor to be a single mother. On TV shows, women introduce themselves as "single mothers" like it was some kind of honor they have received rather than admitting they are failures.
The world has really turned upside-down when a man who expresses love for a woman over a man, sexually speaking, is considered "vile" and "embarrassed" and "shamed" the network. Can't help but think of Sodom and Gomorrah where the homosexuals demanded to have sex with the "men" who were visiting Lot.
It wouldn't surprise anybody if it wasn't a set-up because they knew full well his views and he would express them. They probably called Glaad 2 minutes after the interview. That's the kind of people they are, zero integrity.
Jews are from the Tribe of Judah. There were 12 Tribes that composed Israel and it's a lineage of people.
When a tv show has a young woman on, whether it be game show, court tv show or whatever, usually the first words out of her mouth are "I'm a single mother" which usually sympathy from others. What used to be a shame is now a badge of honor. While there are legitimate reasons for women to be single, it's nothing to be broadcast as something that makes them special. I expect the next thing in introductions will be "Hello, I'm gay."
This is far from being America at the moment. Having guards at inns to keep people out, not allowing tour bus at Yellowstone to stop at a bathroom while they were on their way out. They were told they couldn't "recreate" by a ranger who stopped the people from taking pictures or wouldn't allow them to go outside their hotel rooms while the place was under guard. This is a nightmare.
Two of every "kind", not two of every animal. There's no argument that the earth was once covered with water since seashells are found on mountaintops in Colorado.
The carnal mind cannot understand the things of God and if it's all a bunch of fairy tales to people, then their mind has been closed shut and it's impossible for them to understand.
That is so wrong, the law referred to was the commandments and Jesus was the only one who ever fulfilled them without sin and hence is sacrifice covers sin for those who seek it. Before Christ, sin was atoned for by sacrifices and sin had to be paid for, after Christ, the penalty fell on his shoulders. Killing was not part of the law, it was the penalty for sin. You don't understand the difference between the New and Old Covenants. Today, we have the death penalty.
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