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Lenin !:Healthcare is the Key Stone 2:Banking Done 3:Education Common Core,another government grab for control and power I would refer to Kahn Academy or the McGuffey Readers(1836) They(Dept. of Education) have failed at every step. We live in a daily revolution of invention,exchange of ideas,and information. They simply want to control this Hugh Public Union>
why do you think they fight so hard to not have voter ID. We are truly alone in this world. WE must fight these Bastards at every turn. History is about to repeat itself again, when will we learn.
there is absolutely no doubt this election was stolen
Do you feel HoodWinked? Somethng smells, really bad. All the Political distractions,the most people we have had on subsistence since the Great Depression,the grime of Illinois and Chicago thievery, the sudden behavior from our Presdent concerning the Financial Cliff when a he has not submitted an approved Budget in almost 4years, So many distractions and such a history of deceit. I think we are looking at a case of Massive Fraud. We need a Recount in many of the counties where the numbers do not add up!!!!!
Just show them Clint Eastwood's ad
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New Ad: Clint Eastwood Returns

Godzlla Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 11:38 PM
You have made my Day, thanks.
My cartoon would be: Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader and the Question would be: you have Killed the 2nd most powerful Al-Qaeda leader should you fortify US Embassies?
Sununu tells like it is, we need more like him! Suggestion: When Chris Matthews refers to you as a surrogate of MIT Romney make sure to refer back to chris Matthews As a surrogate of Obama, a surrogate liberal, socialist propaganda .
I agree 100%. I always pictured Clinton riding a surfboard on a 16 foot wave(leftover from R.R.) as he enter office. If he stayed with the Rep. Congress he would not fall, he did well. There was Tip and Ronnie, there was Bill and Newt, now there is Obama and 110 rounds of golf.
If the GOP wins what's BABA to do, he'll simply fade away. If Obama wins, BABA is back in action, speaking engagements,tv, book,etc. money a flow'n.
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