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A few?? A few? One child is too many. The Catholic Church never called the police to investigate. How would you feel if you found out that your church chose not to call the police full well knowing that your paster or priest had molested your child?
James Butler states, "Whatever is the cause of homosexuality, it should not be accepted or worst yet celebrated... Same with bigamy, polygamy, adultery, pedophilia, or even fornication or masturbation..." ..... LOL! Good nite Semper Fi sister AmyDB. Masturbation? LOL!
I have endured my fill reading the eight hour rants regarding your Semper Fi brother USMC. Don't call me stupid. I know better.
AmyDB: Shame,Shame,Shame on you. AIDS is a blood pathogen. It does not recognize Straight, Bi, or Gay. It does not recognize poverty or wealth. It does not recognize religion. It does not recognize age. It does not recognize culture. It does not recognize morality or justice. Shame,Shame,Shame on you.
Exegesis The Bible states that Lesbos cannot lie with other Lesbos. Meanwhile back at the Townhall Ranch: USMC and THE_ANSWER do the Qu.eer Lover gig.
Darling, I did not miss out on anything. Anybody can cut and paste Biblical scripture and defend their position. Geeze AmyDB, have you not learned that by now?
Phew! I was worried for a second. God forbid that I would have to lie to my doctor!
Not so fast AmyDB. Remind your Semper Fi brother that AIDS is a blood pathogen. It is not a Gay disease. Nice try in being a humanitarian.
Time marches on!
AmyDB Townhall Conservative Qu.eer recites Biblical scripture. Never mind those pesky Conservatives that use the Bible to defend their position against Qu.eers like you. Sigh!
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