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Responsible procreation not required procreation is the main benefit of traditional marriage.
Same sex marriage INTENTIONALLY deprives a child of a mother or father.
You are spot on!
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Our Crazed Sexuality Standards

Godslittlefinger Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 12:31 PM
The misandry that men are subject to in today's American society is a direct result of the misogyny women continue to endure. They are both extreme measures in an ongoing power struggle that amounts to nothing more than endless finger pointing. Neither side is accountable for their actions and children lose out.
Be that as it may, the damage to religious freedom in this country will continue.
The Obama administration is relentless in its pursuit to destroy America both economically and culturally. There is no logic to same sex marriage. Homosexuality itself has not and cannot contribute to any society other than confusion and division. By supporting same sex marriage, this administration is supporting gender irrelevancy and the disintegration of the family.
Same sex marriage is antithetical to marriage between one man and one woman because it fails to make gender distinctions which can only result in a false sense of reality. Those who support same sex marriage do not understand the purpose of marriage as being for the public good.
You claim that homosexuality is not a choice but you do not offer any evidence to support your claim. There is no biological evidence that supports the claim that a person is born with same sex attractions. Yet, the LGBT community is quick to enlist the Civil Rights Movement as being the same as homosexuals fighting for their so-called rights--which it is not. Race and gender possess innate qualities and immutable characteristics. Those who identify as homosexual do not.
Good for Utah! Same sex marriage is antithetical to traditional marriage.
The fame and notoriety of Sarah Silverman only exists to emphasize the depths to which American culture has sunk and where our once great nation is headed! When the killing of the unborn becomes a comedic fundraising event then the damage done to American values is irreparable!
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