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CBO: Debt Spiral Deepening, Health Costs Soaring

GodsLaws Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 11:37 AM
A simple revocation act can resolve all of these problems. Pass a single bill that repeals the Federal Reserve Act, all entitlements and defaults on interest payments on the national debt. We will have bad credit for a while, but with our economy going into overdrive as a result of these measures that won't last long. Afterwards, pass a balanced budget amendment, species-based currency laws, and the Ennumerated Powers Act requiring all laws to articulate exactly which SPECIFICALLY ARTICULATED ennumerated power in the Constitution gives Congress the power to enact it.

Behold, the projected consequences of four more years.  Philip Klein surveys the wreckage described in the latest comprehensive budget report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (most of these estimates assume an unrealistic "baseline" in which the "doc fix" doesn't happen and various unpopular cuts to Medicare actually go into effect):