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For the most profoundly moving 8.5 minutes of your day, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwX_EpNR4CA and enjoy. God bless.
Gee Dad; I wrecked the Ford. I need a Masseratti to replace it, STAT!
"They're always good at saying the right thing, 'I'm so sorry for you loss and da da da da da,'" Phillips said. "If you're really sorry for my loss, do something about it." ------------------ Ms Phillips, the truth is that leftist gun policies are what killed your child. The gun-free zone, the denial of "shall issue" concealed carry permits to any sane, law-abising adult who wants one prevented people from arming themselves for self defense; created a risk-free, target-rich enviornment. You child was a sitting duck, paraded before every lunatic in Newtown as a ready target. If you think more of the same is the solution then you deserve to lose more children.
They didn't want Lot's daughters either.
Rockman2 Wrote: 17 minutes ago (1:58 PM): "Moderation is offering up your daughter instead when a criminal wants to rape your wife." ---------------------- BAM!!!
Bingo. ;)
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Saudi Diplomats Trafficking Women?

GodsLaw Wrote: May 02, 2013 2:06 PM
If they were doing this to goats, the left would be all over it.
It was tongue-in-cheek.
We already have that. They are called career politicians and they have no ideology, no principles, no loyalty and no value to the American people.
...mothers' milk. Judas Escariot will forever be the most reviled person in the Bible. Why? Not because he is Satan, but because he betrayed his Friend. Anyone who advances the notion that "moderation" is a viable means to sustain the Republic is cut from the same cloth...a traitor lacking the courage to do so openly.
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