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Progressives Simply Do Not Like The United States

GodsavethePeasants Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 2:36 PM
Ok, moron I will explain it r e a l slow. The constitution not only allows for the feds to provide for the common defense, it DEMANDS that it does so. One of the main reasons for drafting the Constitution, rather than sticking with the Articles of Confederation, was that there was not a vehicle to force the states to fund the Revolutionary War or provide manpower and cooperation in doing so. As to abortion, that was and should remain a states issue, but more importantly, the issue has ALWAYS been that my rights end where they trample on yours; the most basic of which is the right to life. as to community standards, I have no idea what you are talking about or its' relationship to this discussion, Try again, useful idiot,

Ever heard of Dahlia Lithwick? No? Don’t feel bad. I hadn’t either until I read her piece of … something or other … on Slate about the Supreme Court hearing this week on Obamacare.

A quick Google search turned up her Wikipedia entry, which tells me she’s a Canadian and contributing editor at Newsweek and senior editor at Slate. In other words, a committed leftist.

Lithwick writes:

This morning in America’s highest court, freedom seems to be less about the absence of constraint than about the absence of shared responsibility, community, or real concern for those who don’t want anything...