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Racial Double Standards

GodsavethePeasants Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 11:56 AM
Hahahhahhhhehehheheheh!! I am always curious, if silly twits like you are a useful idiot white man themselves, or a nasty bitter ugly woman, or some 'aggrieved' minority showing your own worldview as being based on racsim? HMMMM?
Correction, no matter who or what.
NYC and SF may be 50% gay, no matter who their sex partners are.
For years I have detested the Tolerance Totalitarians, who have stolen our language with their PC interpretations and actually changing the meaning of words. They must always be confronted, never accept their premise for any argument or charges nor defend your mainstream beliefs, rather than defend your right to espouse them peacefully. Walk away form the fools when they get out of control in their frustration over NOT controlling you. If physically restrained or attacked by them or hoodlums joining in their attacks, respond with all force necessary to end the threat immediately; son't end up maimed or on a slab for fear of trumped up charges. That said, pray for God's blessing on these fools and his continued blessings for Amereica.
Ok, moron I will explain it r e a l slow. The constitution not only allows for the feds to provide for the common defense, it DEMANDS that it does so. One of the main reasons for drafting the Constitution, rather than sticking with the Articles of Confederation, was that there was not a vehicle to force the states to fund the Revolutionary War or provide manpower and cooperation in doing so. As to abortion, that was and should remain a states issue, but more importantly, the issue has ALWAYS been that my rights end where they trample on yours; the most basic of which is the right to life. as to community standards, I have no idea what you are talking about or its' relationship to this discussion, Try again, useful idiot,
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