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You quote all idiots or lying crooks, some thrown out of office or disbarred etc.,and a Hollywood boy who is totally hypocritical and a useful idiot. BTW, none of these people would ever support a conservative over the Omnipotent O , so your point is moot.
It is serious to those who lost their jobs and/or careers, and all who believe in free speech. But the real point is, you lying cowardly leftist dogs always spew DISGUSTING hatred of Palin and her children, twitter and the blogs was full of veiled or outright death threats to Romney, Bush, etc.. You fool no one here, as we pay attention to all the things CNN and MSNBC do't' want the low info idiots to see, so YOU are the bigger fool.
No, it's just that your petty little remarks are stupid. Rather you are also is making an inference, but I would definitely say you believe yourself and your elitist leaders know what is best for all the stupid little people, who STILL are the ones that make this country great and support your right to spew leftist drivel.
You are the goob, as in goober leftist. Threatening school children with jail, banning clowns for life , etc. are all aimed at restricting and impeding free speech by any logical reasoning. The Tolerance Totalitarians will continue to promulgate what and who is tolerated, and they will NOT tolerate any deviance from THEIR 'norm'. Go spread your O sack s##ing droppings from the aforementioned rodeo on the dried p old commie media sites. Have a Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!
I think you mean death doesn't get worse every time they convene.
Sorry, bad typing. God bless America, and God save the Peasants. There, that's better.
Yes, intentional and all part of the perversity of diversity practiced by progressives/liberals, The Omnipotent O,, and all race hustlers. the idea is to indoctrinate using diversity as a divisive wedge(funny how these words have the same root, isn't it?) between the young heads full of mush. This also allows them to create white and capitalists guilt, leading to the creation of the whole new cadre of useful idiots who, like Marx, hate those who gave them everything, and by extension themselves. I have termed all these different anti Christian, anti white, anti capitalists techniques under the heading of 'the perversity of diversity'. As they have perverted the English language, the constitution and the sexual activities of America, so they have perverted the true meaning and purpose of diversity. The only strength that comes from diversity, is when the diverse voices and backgrounds are blended into one great AMERICAN culture under the auspices of INDIVIDUAL, not group rights. God bless america, and god save the Peasants!
We could end up with up to 35 million more mostly under educated and/or government services users Kudlow has not spent any time in MY neighborhood or anywhere close to seeing illegals outside of his garden or favorite restaurant; they are almost all on free school lunch, access Head Start, and many get food stamps(Snap) and Medicaid at least for their children. Some even get some type of benefit check, and then there is now a big influx of cartel members and just plain criminals and gangbangers.
Unfortunately, any so called follower along with will 8080 the leftists fool, will say I know You Lord, and did your work even as an atheist or a quasi believer who thought your ordained joining of one man and one woman not pertinent, may find they are not recognized: " I dd not know you"..
We will never know, rhino boy. We DO KNOW the last two candidates that seem more to your choosing ran weak, spineless campaigns and basically threw in the towel at the advice of people more in line w your thinking than REAL CPAC types and us, the great unwashed. They shut up and surrenederd in order not to offend anyone, least of all the Marxist would-be-emperor lying about them and showing them NO respect. Either of the two gentlemen would have fought tooth and nail from a 180 degrees different platform that Obama's, giving the people a true choice of different philosophies rather than the personality/celebrity choice that Ocmmie wanted it to be. They studied the opposition well ahead of the primaries, and made sure they got Romney.
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