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In Virginia for Black Friday? Don't Forget the Booze

Godorn1979 Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 4:25 AM
DEFUND THE REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST MEDICARE PRESCRIPTION FIRST! Republicans talk about the Democrats attitude toward socialized health care in the USA. But what of themselves? I can make the case that Republicans are unrepentant Socialist and corporate welfare-istas. It was the George W. Bush administration and the Republican-controlled Congress who added the $50 billion a year Medicare Prescription, Part D program, while claiming it would only cost $40 billion a year. Can't we all agree the Democrats can learn something about implementing more socialized medicine in a timely manner form the Republican Party!?

Going shopping on Black Friday? Will you be in Virginia? If so, you're in luck. Virginia liquor stores will be participating in the biggest shopping day of the year with their own sale on alcohol.

Across Virginia, state-run ABC stores will open at 9 a.m. Friday and offer discounts between 25 and 50 percent on select alcohol and all purchases above $50 will see a 10 percent reduction at the register.

A handful of locations, including the ones in the Fairfax Court and Fair Lakes shopping centers, will begin selling to customers at...

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