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Goodnight little racists and liars.
Don't lie to me again MA, it pisses me off.
Go to bed child.
"your". Learn F-ing English.
What am I hiding? A head full of US government secrets. Those and the rest of my life are none of your damn business so stop asking.
You lie MA, plain and simple.
Law school? Thank god for small favors, at least you won't be ruining small minds with your right-wing nonsense. That's the best news I've heard in ages. Law will either force you to think or destroy you. Either way it's a win.
Then you lied when you said you were hoping to get the job. Shall we go back though your comments liar?
And Charter schools are still paid for by the taxpayer. They exist only because we allow them. Otherwise they would be Private schools. You are still on the government payroll there teacher.
Infant. Throw your tantrums elsewhere.
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