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On Obamacare, I Won't Comply

God_Of_War Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 9:58 PM
It is a government takeover. Just try NOT buying the health insurance. They will take it out of your taxes. And if they do and you fight them to get your money back they will say no. If you then try to withhold the amounts you would have to pay from other taxes you pay, you will, in the end, have a gun pointed to your head. This is the enforcer known as government. Comply or have a gun to your head.

Americans know instinctively that when liberals start talking about deficit reduction that’s it’s just a case of the fantods, as Huckleberry Finn would say. And say what you will about old Huck, but he knew a couple of frauds when he saw them.       

No matter what liberal “Wonks” like Ezra Klein say about the historically dumb healthcare “reform” known as Obamcare, Americans are uneasy about it.

And they should be.

The best thing- as Democrat strategist James Carville admitted last year- that could have happened for the Democrats is for the Supreme Court to have tossed out the...