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Dark Shadows

God_Of_War Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 5:45 PM
Politicians have passed law making it illegal to discriminate against religion. In the case of islam this law has sown the seeds of our own destruction. But it doesn't have to be this way. Constitutional guarantees don't extend to a cult and islam really is nothing more then a murderous cult. islam should have no constitutional guarantees. It's a simple word redefinition....just like the left redefined "marriage" to be between same sex couples. By no other method than just declaring it so, islam should considered a cult. I ask, in all sincerity, who was it that first defined islam as a religion? Could that person or persons have been wrong? What gave that person or persons the right to define islam as a religion?
The opening scene-setter for the 1996 film "Independence Day" might serve as a metaphor for what Egyptians could face if a draft constitution written by a panel dominated by Islamists and based on Sharia law wins approval in a referendum: "A loud rumble is heard. Suddenly, we are covered in darkness as the shadow engulfs us. Only the image of our Earth hangs in the air, until a huge silhouetted object suddenly blocks our view."

Egypt could well embrace the dark side (to mix movie metaphors) and become the region's biggest force for extremism, just ahead of the Wahaabists in...