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CPAC 2013: Failing the Next Generation

God_Of_War Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 9:00 AM
The American media is the most dangerous enemy America has ever faced. More dangerous than socialism, communism, NATZI's and islam combined. Time to take control away from the few media elites and put control back into the hands of the American people. Repeal the 17th Amendment, NOW!

2013’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) claimed to be focused on the next generation, but the speaker lineup said otherwise.

I had an absolute blast networking at CPAC 2013. I met awesome young conservatives who were fired up and ready to fight in the name of freedom. We talked, exchanged information, shared new ideas, and debated the differences of opinion within the tent of conservatism. It was constructive, productive, and exactly what needed to be said after November’s big loss. Unfortunately though, barely anyone heard these new ideas, because young conservatives were not given the podium to let their voices be...