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Heckuva Job, FEMA!

gobnait2 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 8:14 AM
I volunteer at an NJ storm recovery center. Victims come in EVERY day begging for help in finding a place to live, praying that FEMA will provide them with temporary trailers. So far, NOTHING and no word on the future. Yeah, heck of a job.

Now we learn that in the months before Hurricane Sandy, FEMA sold off temporary shelters at bargain basement prices.  Now, in Sandy's wake, FEMA will purchase new shelters -- although the "old" ones had only been used once, if at all -- presumably at top dollar.  Your tax dollars at work . . .

It's hard to understand how President Bush was somehow responsible for every mistake and inefficiency associated with Hurricane Katrina, while somehow, all the Sandy-related disasters -- many still ongoing more than two weeks later -- have nothing to do with President Obama.