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I know,reading is HARD but next time read the article before commenting so you don't appear so uninformed.
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Waiting For Walker

gobnait2 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 8:18 PM
Best man for the job. Period.
Wonder how much one-on-one time he makes for his daughters?
Your post is spot on. I am very sorry for your profound loss but it's clear that you're reached a measure of peace in your life. I lost a leg due directly to a doctor's carelessness but rarely think about him or bear him any ill will. It happened and it can't be undone and life goes on. The best way to cope is to live one's altered life in the most meaningful and positive way possible.
And all this time I thought our elected officials represented ALL of us.
Sorry I paid tens of thousands of dollars to send my son to Lehigh.
I am deeply offended at your attitude. My beloved nephew was in Afghanistan in the thick of things, watched members of his unit killed before his eyes and had to do things most of us can only imagine. He served his country courageously and with pride. This man should be deeply ashamed of himself. Obama's actions have put every soldier on foreign soil, indeed even American travelers on foreign soil, in danger of being kidnapped. How dare you try to defend him?!
Who is forcing these outraged players to play these 'biased' games?
Smith's sexual orientation is of no interest to the vast majority of people. Everyone's sexual orientation is best kept private as it represents only a small portion of the interesting, complex human beings that we are.
Such proclamations seldom win hearts and minds. You could try being a bit more tolerant of those with opposing points of view too. By trying to strong-arm people into accepting you, you often end up alienating them even more. No one 'has' to accept anything.
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