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Young people might be even more libertarian-inclined if not for the big fat lie parrorted endlessly by the MSM that W was a champion of small government and free markets. Anybody who actually believes that lie, and honestly thinks W represented a belief in small government philosophy, would likely want nothing to do with it - just as they want nothing to do with the GOP (witness the historic lows for Republican party affiliation).
So we should have invaded and occupied multiple ME countries before the 9-11 attacks? Is that you, McCain?
There's only one thing for certain when it comes to our government's ME policy: Whatever we do will have many unintended consequences. Let's stop pretending that we can "kill 'em all", impose order, or craft any lasting solution to the problem of ME terrorism. Once we acknowledge that reality, it seems to me the best we can do is facilitate the natural hatred and rivalries that already exist between the various (and completely impenetrable) rival tribal and political factions. The more we act directly with military might, the more we strengthen their hand, and galvanize that hatred toward us. Maybe if we get out of the way, they'll kill each other instead.
Who asked you? I merely asked a postor, presuably one who is "in the red zone," to elaborate. So buzz off, Buzz (sorry...had to do it).
We could do with fewer police, overall. Drive around this country for any length of time and you know that's true. And violent crime rates are substantially lower than 30 years ago. The best remedy would be to bottom-blow the lowest 30% of perfromers, give the remaining -- more professional officers -- a big fat raise, focus their attention on violence and property crimes (forget the weed), use body-cameras, and demand more civilian oversight (citizen review boards) and more transparency (less CYA). Officers who are judged too quick to violence must be relieved of duty - period. Hotheads get people killed - including their fellow officers. But the dems are bought and paid for by unions who ruthlessly protect even their incompetent/dangerous members, to the detriment of us all.
Well - let's hear it. Which of Paul's points are wrong? Give us the benefit of your wisdom.
GOP: Party of wrank hypocrisy and blatant cronyism, attempting to masquerade as defenders of liberty. It's way past time to stop telling that lie, Republicans. You're embarrassing yourselves. The puritans and crusdaers of both parties are by far the biggest threat to American liberty on this planet. They have far more in common with each other (mostly because they're obnoxious jerks who like to tell everyone else how to live - by force) than they do with true believers in freedom.
We've been meddling and orchestrating in the ME for 70 years. Look where it's got us. Perhaps it's time to try a new strategy.
A reasoned option: Do nothing other than short-term humanitarian missions, and let ISIS, Iran, Assad, the Kingdom, and all the other ancient warring factions kill each other.
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