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Free people sometimes do things -- like buy products made in places that have super-cheap labor rates, or smoke weed -- that Pat doesn't like. Therefore, we must relinquish some of our freedom because Pat's convinced that protectionist policies and paternalism are the primary drivers of economic success. Stick to foreign policy, Pat.
If the Germans, French, and Italians aren't worried enough to engage militarily, we shouldn't either. We shouldn't care more about the defense of Europe than the Europeans. It makes American taxpayers chumps. Europeans and Asians are all too happy to let our guys fight and die while they indulge themseves in "free" health care for their own voters, and our politicians fall all over themselves to look tough by getting us fighting and dying in other people's battles. If only our government's founders could have foreseen such shenanigans, they might've made it difficult for our nation to declare war...
I don't believe that Hillary's a shoe-in. But I wouldn't undeestimate her chances for two primary reasons: 1) The "let's give a woman a chance" meme (similar to the "let's give a brother a chance" meme of 2008); and 2)The MSM will be nauseatingly relentless in their cheerleading. They feel a little guilty for throwing her over for the dreamier cool black guy Obama, and will be anxious to make amends. By the time the MSM is done, they'll have Hillary positioned as a sensible moderate among a horde of extremists, and a cross between Mother Theresa and Emelia Earhardt.
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Hollywood Plays with Fire

goatlockerloungelizard Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 11:15 AM
"...reckless immaturity..." pretty well describes American political discourse on practically every level, as led by our mostly worthless news media. Over the top hyperbole, overly-simplistic labels, and bombastic rhetoric intended to dismiss and impugn opposition rather than elevate understanding of the issues is the order of the day. The most obnoxious and toxic get the headlines, which is why we get ever more of it.
The unforgivable sin in government is allowing budgeted funds to go unspent. In leftist politics, it's telling the truth. The forces for state expansion are relentless. Entrenched interests will fight like bloodthirsty hyenas to keep the treasury taps open. And all the structural incentives support more spending. Against those forces, the only philosophy that stands any chance is libertarianism. But it will almost certainly never be embraced by the American public, unless we experience a financial meltdown far worse than any we've previously seen.
The hypocrisy of our congress is astonsihing. Our government has done everything the resolution condemns. If not for meddling, intervening, sanctioning, overthrowing, attacking, and invading other sovereign nations, we wouldn't have a foreign policy!
Congress is chocked full of opportunistic grandstanders. Hypocrisy and hubris are their essence. The President and his adminsitration are equally worthy of derision and scorn. The people running this government are wholly contemptible. That's why they're held in such low disregard by the citizenry. The only rational response is to limit their power wherever and whenever possible.
Lindsey Graham will be my VP nominee. And Bill Kristol is slated for press secretary.
Those all-powerful isolationists and libertarian whackjobs are at it again, huh?. Don't they understand that wanting to be left alone isn't a legitimate governing philosophy? The world would collapse into chaos if we weren't out there manipulating, bombing, scheming, maneuvering, handing out hundreds of billions, and attacking everywhere.
It's not news when the left lies, cheats, or steals. Or engages in sexism, racism, or homophobia. It's only news when someone on the right does it.
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