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Liberal Says 2nd Amendment Meant to Give State Right to Bear Arms

gnance Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 11:57 AM
California Government Codes say that if Congress has authorized war and while the US is engaged in war, the the State of California is in a "Condition of War Emergency", meaning we should be preparing for attacks. We should be in training and preparations for firearms, food shortages, first aid, search/rescue, local defense, disaster preparations, border security, etc. We should be deporting illegal aliens and watching for spies. Citizens should aid the mayor, and coordinate a militia company with police and sheriff. Be a part of the USA. Be a US Citizen and practice US citizenship.

Wendy60 wrote: The neoconservatives are the reason why Boehner is not putting up a fight. The neocons do the thinking for the Republican leadership on all matters of strategy and morality in politics. Boehner wouldn't take a dump if the neocons told him not to, and if they told him to do so, he would strain for hours. Neocons want tax increases, because paying higher taxes is a sacrifice. Neocons believe that the little people have to be forced into sacrificing for the "collective self," i.e., the state, because that is the only way to preserve the social order. What they...