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Anti-American Asians Don't Speak for Me

gnance Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 10:28 AM
If the USA is so bad, then Chinese women should stop coming here to birth anchor babies. Every child native-born is considered a US citizen, at age 18 they can return to the USA to reclaim US citizenship, get a passport, work and go to college. Until age 26 they can enlist or get an officer's commission in the US military, and they qualify for a security clearance with access to sensitive information, which in the electronics age of today can be transmitted instantly around the globe.
Do we see those too quick to hijack the period of emotions immediately following or within a month of a tragedy to advance our free people along the trail towards tyranny? Is there any tragedy great enough to motivate you to surrender your freedoms or those of your children?
"You can NOT legislate away evil from the hearts of men." But you can legislate away a person's ability to defend themselves from the acts of evil men. This is reciprocity failure or the result of too much legislation having a negative effect on the rights of the free people.
During the U-led invasion of Iraq a policy of "An AK-47 in every household, but no RPG's, was used to prevent local gangs from doing home invasions.
A well-regulated militia is made possible by an armed populace. Where the common citizens are raised (Palestine, Israel, Pakistan, etc.) were guns are commonplace and the handling and shooting of guns begins at an early age, then a number of the people are capable of reacting immediately to local defense, and alerting the military of a national threat. The local militia can offer immediate resistance, until the military arrives.
It's a sad day when American patriots are labeled as extremists.
I remember when patriotism was the extreme. The TEA Party isn't any political party, but formed of all political parties. TEA Party meeting I've attended were local folks and politicians sharing information of local and national interest, then organizing efforts to motivate voters. Similarly the NCLR and sympathizers of illegal immigration and open borders, have used Communist-style organization tactics to motivate voters towards a Socialist agenda, often on college campuses.
I've been involved with several movements and organizations since 2005, SaveOurState, Minutemen, and TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party. All of these were formed by US citizens who wanted a venue to express the need for the USA to return to being the sovereign nation, with a republican form of government, as designed by the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, the current US Constitution, and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (modified by the Gadsden Treaty).
Henry526, Now you make sense.
Henry526, you offend my sensibilities. You are free to leave the USA and seek your Gun-Free Utopia full of unarmed victims relying on prayer to keep the bad guys away.
California Government Codes say that if Congress has authorized war and while the US is engaged in war, the the State of California is in a "Condition of War Emergency", meaning we should be preparing for attacks. We should be in training and preparations for firearms, food shortages, first aid, search/rescue, local defense, disaster preparations, border security, etc. We should be deporting illegal aliens and watching for spies. Citizens should aid the mayor, and coordinate a militia company with police and sheriff. Be a part of the USA. Be a US Citizen and practice US citizenship.
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