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Groundhog Day in America

gnafu Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 11:54 AM
Same stuff from Obama's lips that we heard in 2008 but had to attack Romney this time. If anyone had bothered to do some background checks, they would know that Romney could not save all drowning businesses and had to let those go through bankruptcy and try to resolve their ineptness to come out as solvent businesses.But,Obama gave half of the truths and made himself appear as "all knowing." Unless Congress will do their jobs and earn their keep, we will have a dictator for the next 20+ years.
DaleHogue Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 12:06 PM
It ain't going to last 20+ years, not with all those red necks having the means to end the problem quickly. Can you write something like that on this page? If you can't, then just forget I brought it up!
Barack Obama won a moderately close victory over Mitt Romney on Tuesday. But oddly, nothing much has changed. The country is still split nearly 50/50. There is still a Democratic president, and an almost identically Democratic Senate at war with an identically Republican House, in a Groundhog Day America.

Obama's win did not really reflect affirmation of his first term, given that the president made only halfhearted efforts to defend Obamacare, the stimulus, huge Keynesian deficits and his attempts to implement cap-and-trade. So if there is a second-term agenda, even Obama supporters don't quite know what it will be.