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Equality Versus Liberty

gnafu Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 7:38 PM
Must ave Liberty and equality will fall where choices are made! Without freedom to choose, this country will be just like third world countries where Liberty is unheard. Dictators make sure of that!
What is the alternative? Those ugly pig tail things that barely light up an area? Does the White House use them? My art studio will not be functional with pig tails! The issue boils down to the government limiting "choice" once again. This is unacceptable.
This Communist pig is a disgrace to the American People! She has the brains of a me,me,me person and cannot be trusted! Clinton proved this when she uttered she thinks Benghazi was a mere happening and only a select few were murdered - another set-up to allow her to become the most hated woman of the USA! Vote for her, voters would have to be insane!
The website is a mere reflection of the entire ACA that will not work. 0 is counting on workers to feed the ACA kitty and that just isn't going to happen because many are NOT working and the funds will become more sparse. The filthy rich are leaving this country. The few workers who remain will not provide enough income "fines and penalties" called taxes to carry out ACA. 0 knows this. That's why he doesn't get all upset and why he starts exempting certain parties. Even Commie Reid has stepped in and started exempting his pets. ACA is a total bauched plan and that's the way 0 likes it.
Lover boy, you have it all back-a$$-wards. The People who never got to vote on that piece of ACA garbage did not want socialized healthcare! The only people who benefit are homosexuals and those who have never held a job in their entire lives! I seriously doubt that Lover Boy is signed up for ACA!
0 uses this horrendous shooting to push his "control of the people "and this is unforgivable! The parents and families are still grieving. What is left of good, real Americans grieve, also! But 0 uses this tragedy for his own purpose! And, that is simply unacceptable!
She is still a Twit!
Mahar is one sick pup! Had one of the dead been one of his relatives, would he still spout stupidity from his mouth? Terrorism is quite a bit different than a car accident!
Apparently Ms. Professor title was bestowed before she was totally educated in Constitutional Law. She is indeed welcome to leave the USA !
Obama will not attend because he is not an American President. He does not believe in the American system as he has proved time and time again. Why he ever wanted to be the president of the United States is a mystery when he could have shoved his African people around and promoted Muslim Brotherhood. You know, keep them in poverty status and keep all the money for himself! Greedy dictator!
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