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Mitt Wasn't All Wrong About "Gifts"

GMR Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 2:48 PM
Of course the nation is lost to the leeches sucking billions out of the taxpayers. The GOP thinking that they can "reach out" to them is laughable. They don't want jobs! They want all the free money and other financial windfalls they're getting. It's disgusting and needs to be ended. When are the Republicans going to really reform the scourge on our nation called Welfare? Only then will the leeches be forced to let go of the taxpayers' money!
DHWood Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 1:14 AM
How does that jibe with the "hard workers" line I heard all the time when Bush was potus ?
Ted Kennedy in 1965 and then in 1968 made his destroy the USA legislation and now we are all suffering because of it.
It's time to face it, it's a takeover, and the bigger problem is the Federal Government is totally supporting it since drunken Ted and his libtard commie entourage launched their plot to "meld the USA and the Soviet way of life into one". That was their peace at all costs plan, that also benefits their more lib voters than people in the district plans.
We're gone baby.
"What the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote, and that strategy worked."

Thus did political analyst Mitt Romney identify the cause of his defeat in a call to disconsolate contributors.

Republicans piled on. "Completely unhelpful," Gov. Bobby Jindal told Wolf Blitzer. We don't advance the "debate by insulting folks."

"A terrible thing to say," Chris Christie told Joe Scarborough. "You can't expect to be the leader of all the people and be divisive."

Oh. Was not...