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Villaraigosa on God, Jerusalem Vote: I Definitely Heard a 2/3 Majority

gmcfuzz Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 2:28 PM
He heard a 2/3 majority because he had already TWICE REFUSED to say the words on the teleprompter indicating that 'in his opinion' they had a 2/3 majority. He still had difficulty being THAT DISHONEST, even though the woman behind him TOLD him that he needed to 'let them do what they're going to do'. How often can a party be shown publicly to be this dishonest, without the media reporting on it and without the citizenry reacting to it? It's baffling.

Was Villaraigosa living in an alternate universe at the DNC, too?  When the Democrats held a voice vote to modify the platform, undoing the omission of God and Jerusalem, chaos among the delegates ensued. It was clear to anyone watching that a 2/3 majority was not reached, even after three votes were held. After the first vote the chairman began to say,  “In the opinion of the…” then he realized ‘hey, wait a minute, that wasn’t a majority’ and proceeded to finish his sentence, “let me do that again.” He did. The same thing happened and he just...