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Top Moments from the Republican National Convention

gmcfuzz Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 2:15 PM
LOL! I'm an Independent, and have heard a LOT of specifics from Romney/Ryan. All we've heard from the Obama camp is personal attacks trying to smear Romney's character. For many of us who SAW the testimonials last night of the people with gravely ill/dying children that he had befriended and helped -- THOSE TACTICS not only will NOT WORK. They make OBAMA seem DESPICABLE.

If you attended the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week, you probably laughed, you maybe even cried, you likely partied and you definitely didn't sleep. But both for those who attended and those who watched from across the nation, we wanted to recap some of the best moments of the convention leading up to Mitt Romney's speech:

-- Paul Ryan's Mom

It was perhaps the most genuine moment of an event where every detail is planned to the final second—when Paul Ryan declared his mother his role model, had to wipe his eyes, the audience wept and...