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More Obama BS and violation. he simple does not get the limitations placed on him. He wants to be king or dictator and his entire team are enablers. When is our government going to tell this fraud NO you will not or be removed?
Fraud is defined as purposeful deceit. Combine that with political motivation and over 100 trips to the White House, dozens of lies and what have you got?? A President who used the IRS to stop conservative groups..distort corrupt, and manipulate the election process and in the end criminal behavior.... When is this entire LIE going to be explained and action taken.
the truth is Obama has done nothing and will NOT. Weakening this country is one of his long range goals!
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Obama Spurns the 'Optics' Police

gmann2012 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 8:23 AM
And those are his best qualities!
Doctor X: pull you head from your backside, and try not acting like the libtard you are....Malkin's record is far stronger than any 10 reporters in today's media..try to keep up libtard!!!
If Soros were on-fire, I would not urinate on this POS. My excrement is still too good for him!!!
The only attention that should be given, is to the actions this creep, and thief exhibited...and youth should be shown..this is NOT the way to behave!!!! Nice post!!
Unprincipled, lousy nasty behavior on the part of this Administration. But Obama have proven time and time again to be a low life thug. Why do we expect anything different???
You left out vile, vicious and just plan nasty.
it needs to be buried.
Obama has NO flaws??? James Downey has to have an intellect that rivals that of dog droppings. SNL is libtard biased, hatchet job show. Not worth watching.
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