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it needs to be buried.
Obama has NO flaws??? James Downey has to have an intellect that rivals that of dog droppings. SNL is libtard biased, hatchet job show. Not worth watching.
Great post Scott!!!
There are But it used...will get you banned forever!!
John Kerry is so dumb, so badly informed that dog droppings rank higher in value of opinion on foreign policy analysis. His "so-called" opinions are without merit and usally topping out the fantasy-lie meter!!!
Now envision a conservative executive officer, behaving this way The news media would eviscerate this person...endless pointed questions, constant wall to wall coverage on all networks 24/7---...but of course..NOT the Chosen One..he "deserves" to be MIA whenever and wherever he wants to be....If I were to use the words, this abhorrent behavior demands, Townhall would have me banned for three lifetimes...
The circus has been exacerbated by the libtard media and the race baiters...the facts come out in a trial and are supported with solid investigative work..not feel good, nonsense....
More subterfuge..and I would not be surprised at all.
John: I certainly can..please allow me to help Here's a good start..... Dog droppings are far more valuable than the Hiiidebeast, and are..... You take it from there :)
So two wrongs by elected officials make it permissible to be asleep at the switch???
This guy once again acts like a total backside....I cannot tell you how much I loathe this POS!!!
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