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Obama's priorities are very clear. They do not include anything about the military, nothing that is concern to the country. He is lying sack of walking talking excrement.
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Carney: Obama Never Misled on Obamacare

gmann2012 Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 8:21 AM
Carney would not know the truth if it crawled up his backside and pitched a tent!! I have dog excrement smarter than this stooge!!!
And those are his very best qualities.
Actually the opposite is true, THEY believe they are ROYALTY. THEREFORE ARE UNDERPAID. Let's make them unemployed this fall. They will have no gripes at all.
Once a fraud and a LIAR always one. This guy is giving dog excrement a bad name...as comparisons are made as to his veracity..like that of dog droppings!!!
When in our entire history have we ever had a low class, lying fraud like this occupy the White House? Neither of the parties having nothing to stand on..when it comes to excrement in the WH from their respective parties......but this guy sets the bar at an all time LOW.
What did you expect from this walking talking pile of excrement???
If I had Soros's money, I would STILL NOT PAY ONE DIME, to talk with, be with..even be in the same room with this lying fraud.
Oddly? NO fraudulently!!!
More fracking fraud and lying by the head Liar in Chief..and his buddies in the media.
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