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The Lying Fraud in Chief is not to be trusted on anything.
for worse than treason... Be aware..if 1 nuke is set off..the entire world changes... This is not the grade of nuke that was used in WWII
ANYTHING Susan Rice says ANYTHING she does is rancid She is a serial liar, a HACK AND A FRAUD. She ought to be tried for obstructing justice on Benghazi, committing fraud, jailed and forgotten.
They are so used to no oversight that when citizen call and chew them out they are flummoxed too The GOP is gutless and back-bone-less and ball-less!!!
Wait....the democrats are lying again??? Who would have thought this party of no ethics or morals, filled with libtards would lie for the Lying Fraud in Chief??? Who would have thought???
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Liberals, Stop Lying About Everything

gmann2012 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 7:59 AM
Remember to liberals these are not lies....they are so damned dumb, so filled with their own self importance..it never occurs to them..to ever question anything or even ask..does this even make sense??? Nice work Kurt!
????? ????? no joke!!!
What form a stupid is this?? Only a GD libtard could come up with this nonsense!!!
Could it be, that his views and subsequently your views are from people who do not understand the reality of what ISIS and Islam's agenda is?? You would be better served if you would extract your head from your backside, and look at the reality of ISIS and Islam. Try actually reading the Qur'an as I have..maybe then your ridiculous uneducated opinions..[Pat Buchanan included] would not allow these vicious barbarians to kill others because they are not believers.
But does anyone really know real leadership anymore? I think a real leader could remove ISIS permanently..but the enemedia and the libtard Dems would be apoplectic seeing what it would require.....
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