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Great Post.
The Liar/Fraud in the White House knows little about the Constitution. He does everything he can EVERYTHING to evade and destroy it. If he was a Constitutionally teacher, I am an alien from mars.
Obozo is so filled with his own self importance that he would not recognize real danger, real issues if they crawled up his backside pitched a tent and camped out!!! This Lying FRAUD knows nothing but Islamic sympathies..and he will do everything he can to assist in the destruction of Israel.
Unfortunately for those who do not understand your sarcasm, they think it's all Good!
The ultimate LIAR. She has ethical core..so anything goes. Dog droppings have more to offer than she does.
As would I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I believe that dog droppings are more intelligent than some of these liberals morons!
Goes to show you how vacuous and stupid some people are...JOSEPH CAN YOU HEAR ME???
No way Hillary Clinton can poll this high---- She's scum--dead people would be a better choice!!!
Because they have never read it.
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