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Biden Implies "Garden Variety Slap Across the Face" of a Woman is No Big Deal

gmann2012 Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 9:57 AM
Joe Biden brings a new level of stupidity to government. His brand is so common, low level and ugly that references to stupid need to be banned and only used this way...I seriously doubt there are more than 4 brain cells at work in his empty head! That's Biden dumb...or That's a dumb as a bag of Bidens!

You'd think someone in the Democratic public relations complex would have sent out a memo asking Democrats to stop spouting off about rape, guns and domestic violence by now but, it clearly hasn't happened. Speaking today at a "1is2many" domestic violence awareness event sponsored by the White House, Vice President Joe Biden implied certain types of domestic violence aren't really that bad because they're just a "garden variety slap across the face."

So, what exactly is 1is2many? It's a White House initiative to bring awareness to domestic violence. I...