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The Corrupt Nexus of Big Business and Big Government

gmallast Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 8:11 AM
Thanks for the tip on the videos.. To a leftist, all business people are crooks who will take advantage of people if they can to make their "obscene profits." On the other hand, the government is wise, pure, and holy. Thus all businesses must be coercively regulated by government to keep them from exploiting the poor downtrodden workers. I got into a discussion with a Democrat friend about such things yesterday. Actually he did most of the talking. But I could not get through to him the concept of "regulatory capture." Where the crooked businessmen (in contrast to the honest ones) take control of regulatory agencies and use them to bully and cheat their more honest competitors in hopes of driving them out of business.

I did a video several years ago on the link between big government and big corruption, and I periodically revisit the issue by citing disgusting examples of sleaze and cronyism ranging from the Export-Import Bank to the racial spoils scam in Alaska.

The folks at Learn Liberty also have a great video on this topic, explaining how big...