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I didn't know that Clinton (the guy who passed on Bin Laden THREE TIMES) was a Republican!!!
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How Romney Can Win

Glyndwr Wrote: May 05, 2012 3:58 PM
This idiot Deace is asking Romney to repeat all of McCain's campaign mistakes--stop campaigning and not go after Obama's past. Yeah, that will help us win, all right.
You can thank Bush for both...the enhanced interrogations Obama OPPOSED got Bin laden, and the GM bailout was designed under Bush. Thanks for thanking Bush. Have a nice night.
Did you know that on this anniversary of Bin Laden's death, we just had one of the deadlilest months in Afghanistan with 33 US troops killed??? Real ACHIEVEMENT, Barack.
I was waiting to see which liberal would throw out the first kindergarten name call, and you did it, Zelda.
All these clowns who say that Obama made the "tough choice" conveniently forget that the tough choice of deciding on the enhanced interrogations that led to Bin Laden's death were made by Bush and OPPOSED by the appeasing Obama.
Obama tried to turn Romney's consistency into a flip-flop, but this quote from Romney ends that attempt.
If Obama keeps exploiting it so blatantly, he'll be on the defensive.
And Obama couldn't do this until we located Bin Laden, something that wouldn't have happened had he got his way on enhanced interrogations. When Bush was taking heat by the media for allowing their "torture," Obama was just going along with the cries against waterboarding rather than making the ORIGINAL tough decision. That's the difference.
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