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The High Price of Obama’s Amnesty

gluizer Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 10:07 AM
You know I feel for kids brought here only to find themselves deported to a country they don't know. That said, children have paid for the sins of their parents for as far back as anyone can remember. For example, how about the child of a drug addict, how about the child of a criminal, how about the child of a single parent, how about the child born in a ghetto, etc. What should we do gather them all up and put them in a environment that gives them all the same food, clothing, etc.? Its sad that some minors who were brought here as babies might get deported but their parents made this happen not the US. The minors who are close to the age of majority could always apply for visa's to continue their education as can the adults.

$585 million dollars. 

That is the estimate of what Obama’s new amnesty will cost the American taxpayer.  This back door plan, put into action by imperial edict without any input from Congress, is just another nail in the coffin of our economy.  This past week thousands of children of illegal immigrants were granted the right to apply for “deferred action” in order to stay in this country and sign up for employment opportunities.  Starting August 15th, illegal aliens up to the age of 30 who meet certain requirements can begin submitting their applications that will allow...

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