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GOP Senators: We’re Not Going to Confirm Kerry Until Clinton Testifies on Benghazi

gliderdriver Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 3:18 PM
This whole thing just stinks. And Congress need to get to the bottom of this right away. Here are the answers we need. 1. Where were all of the C-130 Air Force gunships the night of the attack? I am pretty sure one was orbiting over the site that night and it's firepower was not deployed. 2. Why was the dead Seal/security guard told he would get close air support, and then the fire mission was countermanded? The only reason that brave man put a laser designator on the mortor site outside the embassy, was , because he was told close air support was committed. HE WOULD NOT HAVE DESIGNATED A TARGET UNLESS HE WAS TOLD THAT CLOSE AIR SUPPORT HAD BEEN GIVEN AN ORDER TO ATTACK THAT TARGET. The congress needs to find the aircrew of that C-1

Sec. Clinton may have gotten out of testifying last week because of the concussion she sustained after fainting, but that doesn’t mean she’s in the clear on Benghazi just yet. The Washington Examiner has the details:

Republican senators will refuse to confirm Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., as Secretary of State until the nation’s current top diplomat, Hillary Clinton, testifies about her handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

“The Senate is expected to take up Kerry’s nomination in early January, but multiple Republican senators have already said they won’t agree to a vote on Kerry’s nomination until...