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Do they keep getting paid if they go to prison?
So do these Obama clowns really think a career IRS employee is really going to fall on a hand grenade for this Administration? There is about as much chance of that happening, as there is that this was a scheme cooked up by "low level IRS employees". This thing stinks all the way up Pennsylvania Avenue.
Did he write this piece on an old type writer or on a computer with WORD?
OK, we are going to finally find out what happened on the ground in Libya. One thing that we know for sure. The first special services guy who got killed during the second attack, was laser designating a target outside the compound. We have also heard the the target was a mortar tube. That would agree with the fact that 2 of the KIA got hit by mortar rounds. NO TRAINED SPECIAL FORCES GUY WOULD BE LASER DESIGNATING A GROUND TARGET UNLESS A FIRE MISSION, NAVAL GUNFIRE, OR CLOSE AIR SUPPORT HAS BEEN ASSIGNED TO ATTACK THE TARGET. THERE IS NO REASON TO DESIGNATE THE TARGET UNLESS THE GUY WAS TOLD A FIRE MISSION HAD BEEN ORDERED. This has to be obvious. A fire mission was ordered to attack the mortar tube that was setting up outside the...
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No Gun Licenses for Marathon Bombers

gliderdriver Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 11:06 AM
I can't believe this?????? Jihadist terrorist don't follow our gun laws? You mean to tell me that these guys did not walk into a government entity, tell them we want guns to kill innocent civilians and gun down cops???? I mean we are being told that more and stricter gun laws will reduce violence, when we know the laws already on the books are not enforced.
OK, Why are there any trash cans around during an event like this? Crowd prep 101 in this day and age. If you walk around London, you see NO trash cans. They have learned.
I would think that about 1/2 of all babies killed through a "Woman's right to chose" are in fact going to be women?
Let's See? Cook kills 26 in Connecticut wit a gun, full time coverage. This animal kills hundreds of kids (who by in large were alive citizens of the USA) , no coverage at all.
I think we should just "snip" Gosenell's spine with a pair of scissors.
This is exactly how great nations die.
""There was some hope that once the Supreme Court ruled in July, and then once an election occurred there would be a sense that, 'This is the law of the land, let's get on board, let's make this work.'" All the court said was this bill is a tax and Congress has the authority to raise taxes. That's it. They have not judged if the tax is being laid fairly on the whole population, and in its current form, it is not.
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