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They are Liberals. Liberals don't think. If they did think for a while, they would become Conservatives.
Stupid young Liberals who go to war zones to "do good" get killed. Get over it. The main problem is the Liberal former Hippie parents of these children, who are likewise clueless. There is one institution that has done more fro freedom and Liberty than any other in history. The US Military. If you want to do some goo in a war zone, join the Military. Then if you get in trouble, you have a chance for some serious help. Otherwise you are on your own, as it should be.
I guess they should have read this thing t find out what was really in it.
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The Truth About Violence in Chicago

gliderdriver Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 8:02 PM
OK, there are no jobs and no economy in the black areas of Chicago. So why don't entrepreneurial blacks open businesses like grocery stores and dollar stores to serve the local populations? It is because they will be robbed blind by local population, which are almost entirely Blacks. Oh well. At some point we will understand it is cultural.
I guess the simple psychopaths don't count as terrorists.
Now we need he rest of the nation to grow a good pair and take our government back
Mr. Cummings appears to be the poster child for the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) Has a single member of the CBC ever run for and won a state wide office? Probably not, but they can rot in their black majority Congressional seats for ever.
A month or so in the Federal lockup in D.C. might just change his mind.
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