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Now we need he rest of the nation to grow a good pair and take our government back
Mr. Cummings appears to be the poster child for the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) Has a single member of the CBC ever run for and won a state wide office? Probably not, but they can rot in their black majority Congressional seats for ever.
A month or so in the Federal lockup in D.C. might just change his mind.
The good news is, the Statue of Limitations won't expire before there is another administration. Lerner should keep her reservation for the big house for a while.
Thank God, The reeking aging Liberals are dropping like flies. I guess being a minority member for n3 more years and trying to run under a failing administration is just no fun. You overstayed your time by like 45 years.
Occasional revolutions can help problems like these.
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The Bottom Of The Barrel

gliderdriver Wrote: Jan 02, 2014 8:21 PM
The market will take care of this problem in a fairly short and efficient manner.
Can you think of a single truly interesting thing Hillary Clinton has ever said? Yes. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE AT THIS POINT!
The Israeli secret service would have no trouble finding these guys, and making sure they never hurt any again. Has CNN ever interviewed any of the Muslims that killed the Israeli Athletes in Germany. No, because they are all dead.
The whole Northeast is going to look like Detroit in 15 years.
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