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Americans, Where Have You Gone?

glide Wrote: Feb 16, 2014 10:32 AM
Americans will remain silent until they are SILENCED! That is when the turning point will come for all of us!
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Using the IRS to Suppress Free Speech

glide Wrote: Feb 11, 2014 10:36 AM
Free speech has been suppressed as evidenced in the media since this administration took office. With or without the IRS scandal the media in our country has been directed by Communists such as George Soros to kill the idea of capitalism and free speech. While the IRS is a lousy institution it has been made worse by Communists such as Obama and his administration. It will not end until We the People make a choice. Do we want a free country or one led by dictators?
We the People have gone missing in action. We should be protesting by the millions instead we blog. Dictator Obama counts on no action by the people. What happened to the media and the people when Watergate occurred\? You would think the Republicans with all the criminal actions Obama has taken they would have been moving to impeach and remove him by now. But he leaders in the Republican party cannot be counted on as they to want a one party system. When that happens they will never lose their jobs since we will no longer be voting. UNITED WE STAND - DIVIDED WE FALL!
Your right old white guy, Germany proved that!
If we want answers than it's WE THE PEOPLE who will have to demand them. Protesting by the millions is the only way we are going to take our country back. To bad media people and journalists such as the one who wrote this article do not spell it out for the low information voter. If we are to afraid to step up and protect our country now with this president what happens when the government decides it is time to take everything you own? UNITED WE STAND - DIVIDED WE FALL!
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Republicans to the Rescue?

glide Wrote: Feb 05, 2014 3:53 PM
Mr. Sowell is truly brilliant. What a great article and so right on the money. The conclusion I have come to is that the Republicans are in lock step with the Democrats for a one party system. When that happens they will remain in politics just as the Democrats will without fear of being voted out. That is their inherent plan. We the People are the only way to take our country back. Protesting by the millions is the only way we will be able to stop destructive politicians like Obama. UNITED WE STAND - DIVIDED WE FALL!
Ann Coulter just spelled out the desperate need for a Conservative third party NOW!
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Will Jeb Bush Run in 2016?

glide Wrote: Jan 31, 2014 2:17 PM
It's obvious the leadership Republicans do not want a real Conservative as president that's why they would enthusiastically support Jeb Bush. It would undermine their plan with the Democrats for a ONE PARTY system if a true Conservative ran and won.
I heard the first sign of hope the other day in the doctor's office. As I was checking out I said something about the health care. She immediately said, "I voted twice for this mad man, then I read his book Audacity of Hope and I will never vote Democrat again, never". In the wings may be many other Democrats who are feeling the affects of this mad man's administration. Comrade Hillary has supported this man and has even hid from the public his partaking of "what difference does it make?" I think she is going to have a very, very difficult time if she chooses to run for president. Fear is beginning to creep into the American public. And when fear turns into anger all heck will break loose. I think that is on the way before 2016!
The media is owned by the likes of Communist George Soros and others like him. And since Comrade Soros is deeply embedded with Communist Obama that is what we are going to get unless We the People stop them!
What are you nuts or just uneducated? The reason these four Americans are dead is plain and simple. Obama and Hillary. He should have been removed from office already. But because of his color, black, the Beltway Republicans are to afraid to do anything to remove him. And of course if that process begins, this Communist Obama will scream racism!
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