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Bait And Switch on Obamacare

glide Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 10:00 AM
Are you? Conservatives have long been paying the bill for people like you. This Obama Health Care Tax is not about taking care of your health. It's all about eliminating your freedoms. If you were dying on the side of the road it would make no difference to democrats, but being able to let you die is what they are striving for. Now wake up. You are going to be in that same camp as us when that fence goes up around us!
When is a tax not a tax? When President Obama says it isn't, or when the Supreme Court says it is?

Obamacare was sold on several fraudulent lines. The president knows the country doesn't want to pay higher taxes, given the deplorable way their government spends the money. And so the administration packaged it as something different.

That's called bait and switch, which is defined as "an illegal tactic in which a seller advertises a product with the intention of persuading customers to purchase a more expensive product." And Obamacare, if it is not repealed, is guaranteed to be more expensive,...