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No. That is not true. This is the lie repeated again and again by the Fox folks. If given a choice (not merely a yes/no option), most people either support it as is or are willing to give it a chance to fix it.
Actually, most people want to give Obamacare a chance to succeed. Outside this bubble, of course.
The Australian Prime Minister is correct: it is the NRA-inspired gun culture that is the root of America's violence.
Great speech by the President. Why would anyone expect him to talk about jobs in an Inauguration speech? This was not the State of the Union. Anyway, what a clear statement of the new direction for this country, that rejected the hysteria of the right.
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The Newtown Tragedy

Glenn242 Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 10:01 PM
Countries that regulate guns have fewer gun massacres. We have more and more guns and more and more mass killings. That's the truth. Anything other than this are lies by the gun lobby.
Rational people? The folks who champions birthers, death panel alarmists, Muslim paranoia? Are you kidding me?
Like Condi Rice, maybe?
Some of you nuts have actually started believing your own lies. Got out of your bubble for awhile. There is another world out there.
Rare? Over a dozen mass killings in the last few years? Are you nuts?
My idea? Ban handguns and assault weapons for individuals. Like even Nixon supported.
Yeah, like "Why do we have to see the pictures of the grieving parents?"
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